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serendip /ser-uhn-dip/
  1. Derived from Serendipity, an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
  2. Founded in 2011, Serendip is a social music discovery service that is redefining the way music is discovered and enjoyed, by matching music lovers with their soul mates.
Serendip connects you with your music friends, who share your music taste and love for music. The music they are sharing will become your playlist, and you can share your favorite tunes with them.
Serendip plays the music you love, because it's yours - personalized to your likes. You keep getting recommendations for people to follow and music to listen to - tailored to your taste. So the music always sounds better... to you.
It's a perfect lean-back experience, just like good ol' radio.
No more searching for music or drowning in your music library. Serendip keeps playing, while you enjoy the music, non-stop, hassle-free.
Team Serendip